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Hi there! I'm Alina. I am a freshman in high school. I am an aspiring animator [probably technical], or maybe a graphic designer. I can't decide.

I draw things occasionally, and write a bit too, so I post my works on here, as well as reblog great art and advice.

Fandoms including [but not limited to] Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus, Night Vale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Maximum Ride, and other assorted. Also nerdfighteria, but that's more of a community.

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kinda coloring practice and kinda just for fun!

the drawing on the bottom was referenced from this

I don’t even know what this is. :D It half looks like an Archangel necklace should come floating up, what with the background gradient and textures.

I drew this up after browsing through Brittney Lee’s blog. :D So amazing…


Young Percy

Some feedback would be fantastic: Does it even look like him? Are his eyes the right color? Everything alright in the face?

Guys my friend… She drew a thing…. PLEASE GIVE HER ALL THE FEEDBACKS :)

Chalk Lessons

So i drew a thing. The two curly haired artists. So in this Hazel missed drawing and Rachel offered to teach her more in-depth techniques in her cave so they used chalk on the floor and well, after a while the teaching got boring so they started messing around. Don’t read anything into that though. :)

[MoMA is Museum of Modern Art. Battle of the Labyrinth mentioned she wore a tshirt from there. ][in chalk, from L to R is Reyna, Festus, Percy, and a dracaena]

Ah, another weekend of Confirmation class.

So this time my friend [you know the one who drew Superman] and I happened to be next to each other during our five hour religion class on a Saturday no less so we entertained ourselves. On this sheet we explored Frozen noses, turned eyeballs into hams and drew lines of action into spanish/gypsy dancers.