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Hi there! I'm Alina. I am a sophomore in high school. I am an aspiring animator [probably technical], or maybe a graphic designer. I can't decide.

I draw things occasionally, and write a bit too, so I post my works on here, as well as reblog great art and advice.

Fandoms including [but not limited to] Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus, Night Vale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Maximum Ride, and other assorted. Also nerdfighteria, but that's more of a community.

Are you ready? Because your story begins today.

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" ‘Venti’ makes them sound like evil espresso drinks." ☕️☁️⚡️#leovaldez #losthero #rickriordan #drawing #draw #art #artist #sketch #sketches #copic #marker #leo #illustration #cartoon #sorryfornotposting #heheivebeenindisneyland #foradancecompetition #:)

Ruth from the Valiard Mansion by Ez on dA and tumblr, file under ‘instances where having a colorless blender marker saved my life’. 📜✨ #valiardmansion #art #artist #drawing #draw #drawings #sketch #sketches #sketchbook #doodle #illustration #copic #pen #marker #fanart #cartoon #tumblr #deviantart

Well today was great, amazing, spectacular! [click on pics for captions]

After taking Highway 1 down to Anaheim, went straight to Downtown Disney’s Wonderground Gallery to catch the last bit of Amy Mebberson's art demonstration [probably most known for her Pocket Princesses comics]! AHHHHHH I learned so much just by watching her draw. Got a glorious print of hers [my first one] that I can’t stop looking at!

Of course I was super introverted, but she talked to me anyway! Now inspired, I am off to practice my cross hatching and life drawing…:)

OC Association Meme


Send me a number/OC and I’ll tell you which of these things I most associate my OC with (and why):

  1. Theme song
  2. Flower
  3. Fictional character
  4. Archetype/character trope
  5. Season
  6. Emotion
  7. Super power
  8. Element
  9. Mythical figure/creature
  10. Animal

Please do! I might do them anyway though…

I’ve got my four mains from Cityscape and I suppose you could ask me about the six from Elementalists [Just send a me a letter A - F] and that one unnamed girl [G], but no promises on development for those. 

Sketches because I started watching Atlantis from BBC. Guess who?

Got a spontaneous burst of notes on my di Angelo siblings draw and I’m going through the tags right now and I just…

And I’m just sitting here like

Alright, Reo! Spill the cocoa beans!

Whoops, I Snickerdoodle-d. Literally could not help it, whenever i just start drawing a head or face or position now, it turns into one of these Cookies & Crime cuties. This one went farther than most others. :D [click and drag, its transparent.]

Check it out some more here! PLEASE do.

Oh my g-o-s-h! Thank you so much! SO SO SO glad you like it!