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Hi there! I'm Alina. I am a sophomore in high school. I am an aspiring animator [probably technical], or maybe a graphic designer. I can't decide.

I draw things occasionally, and write a bit too, so I post my works on here, as well as reblog great art and advice.

Fandoms including [but not limited to] Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus, Night Vale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Maximum Ride, FMA, SNK, and other assorted. Also nerdfighteria, but that's more of a community.

Are you ready? Because your story begins today.

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I don’t think watercolors are calling my name. 🎨 #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #paint #painting #watercolor #portrait #character #design #doodle #doodles #drawing #drawings #sketch #sketches #sketchbook #illustration #illustrations

#inktober featuring Kasuyo in some interesting ceremonial dress. 🌊🎐Should I add values? Or maybe watercolor it? #art #artist #design #doodles #drawing #drawings #sketch #sketches #sketchbook #ink #pen #illustration #illustrations #cartoon #character #micron #copic


Commissions Update

Hey followers! For the first time ever, I’ll be opening up commissions! This is a really exciting and new challenge for me, but I’ve been asked quite a few times now and I think it’s time to set up shop.

UPDATE: Alrighty, I’m also adding in backgrounds and additional characters this time! 

  • Sketches - can be as a raw sketch or a clean, uncoloured line art. You may have the preference as to whether you want it as a grayscale sketch.
  • Coloured - can be in a ‘painted’ style or coloured with line art (like the examples). 
  • Backgrounds - are completely coloured. Reference must be provided. 
  • Additional characters - set price ($10) for both bust/waist or full body additional characters.

Some quick T&Cs:

  • No NSFW or horror/violence influenced pieces.
  • Don’t use my art without credit. If you were to do anything with the sketch or coloured version and post it, please link it to me with full credit. 
  • Please send a reference if you can. 
  • Payments are made through PayPal. I’ll show you the work in progress and then payment is required.

If you’re interested in giving me a commission, please email me at and give me a quick inbox with your email just so I know that I’ll be expecting one from you. I’ll reply with the details as soon as possible.

Thank you guys for being awesome followers!

Can I please just say wow I did not expect notes on the Hazel countdown pic…..? I spent roughly half the time on this than I normally would, so I assumed people would see the slop and not like it.

The one I PLANNED to spend time on i had JUST FINISHED THE LINEART [and y’all know what a beast linear can be] and then photoshop JUST CLOSED OUT OF NOWHERE AND THE PREVIOUS HOUR AND A HALF’S WORK WAS POOF GONE.

So I drew another one with burning fury.

Thanks guys! 

“A little overkill, perhaps, but you’ve made your point.”

Jason with the-coolest-weapon-ever-before-he-broke-it. Today’s Blood of Olympus Countdown character, who I believe was my age in this scene. WOW PERSPECTIVE!

Sooooo Blood of Olympus comes out in like a week and the series will be over and sadness etc, so I thought I’d take part in at least one day of this idea to honor the seven in their last run.

First up was ma girl Hazel, who I must remind everyone is thirteen. Got carried away with the purple smoke [a la OUAT] but she’s too badass to not go all the way. :D




I’m back posting Archangel related art! Here’s a painting of Verity; I used LoisH’s brushes for this one, it’s becoming my favourite set of brushes….

overenthusiasticallyfangirling replied to your photoset:This brilliant light is brighter than we’ve known,…


Thanks! I think I’ve decided I’ll just do both for S6. Wonder what to call them though….