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Hi there! I'm Alina. I am a sophomore in high school. I am an aspiring animator [probably technical], or maybe a graphic designer. I can't decide.

I draw things occasionally, and write a bit too, so I post my works on here, as well as reblog great art and advice.

Fandoms including [but not limited to] Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus, Night Vale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Maximum Ride, FMA, SNK, and other assorted. Also nerdfighteria, but that's more of a community.

Are you ready? Because your story begins today.

So here’s a lil fan art of viria’s oc Jo. I love all of her characters there’s so much depth in them how does she even. I like Jo best though because I too am the middle sister of three and I sort of imagine that she finds solace in music when in need of solitude from her siblings as I do. Or not. But I love viria’s ocs anyways, they’re all so AWESOME ahhhh. I sorta screwed her up a little though…ah well, love her all the same.

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